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Now THAT’S a Motherfucking Party!

August 7, 2009

Several months ago while I was in my hometown for a little vacation I did a photo shoot with some friends. This photo shoot. Explaining it doesn’t seem to help. I tried that a few times and the looks I received in return were even more befuddled. Long story short: I used to work in a warehouse where we had a lot of time on our hands to come up with weird ideas. The cool thing about it is that the seriesĀ  got a lot of views when I posted them on Flickr. Well a lot for me anyway. And yes I’m one of those people who constantly check their stats. What can I say, I like to know that somebody is looking at my work. It was during one of these regular ego checks that I noticed this photo:

was linked to by an outside website. I clicked on the link and was kinda floored. Somebody randomly found one of my goofy photos and felt it was goofy enough to include. Well whoever you are, I’m honored. I also gotta say I’m interested that, that photos was chosen. First of all it is one of my favorites from the series (although I will confess I have a lot of favorites from that series) but also I always felt the duck looked a little sad in it. Like he regretted whatever it was he just did. To think that’s the one they picked as a sexy ducky bedroom party.