Proclaim Yourself a Geek!!

Recently one of our readers, James, wrote in part:

“…btw- love this site (yes I bookmarked it). I also love these “geek testimonials.” Perhaps you should have a specific area on the site designated to this type of thing. Maybe a “geeks anonymous” atmosphere. (”Hello my name is James and I’m a geek. I built my first computer by the age of….” ;) Or… Maybe just geek bragging rights. (”I’m so geek, my daughters’ middle name is Jadzia after Jadzia Dax on DS9).

Could be a fun way to laugh at ourselves.”


What a brilliant idea! So I thought we would dedicate this page for you the reader to proudly proclaim your geekiness. So here you go folks. Simply post your proclamation of geekiness in the comments section for all to see.


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