I am a geek. There, I said it. It’s taken a long time to get to this realization but somehow I’m handling it well. Not surprisingly, this revelation didn’t come through tireless reflection. Someone else pointed it out. My girlfriend in fact. We were sitting around discussing her geekdom and exactly what percentage geek she is (conservative estimates peg it upwards of 85% but the recent Netflixing of Battlestar Galaxtica may have raised it) when she started accusing me of having a percentage

The Host

The Host

that may rival hers. This notion was of course preposterous to me at first, but then she systematically laid the evidence out before me. The “action figure” collection. The comics. The model rockets. For Christ’s sake, I have an autographed picture from The Host on Angel!

I never really considered myself one of the cool kids, but a geek? Could it be true? Then again, is being a geek so bad? After all, my girlfriend’s geekness was one of the things that attracted me to her. Maybe that’s because, as I now know, I’m a geek as well. Our combined geek powers have made life more interesting. Guests have compared our apartment to an art museum because of all the action figures, bobble heads, Batgirl statue, bubble gum machines, inflatable sarcophagus, and general bric-a-brac. “Each time you walk around you see something different.” How can that be a bad thing?

Rachel Bilson as Wonder Woman

Rachel Bilson as Wonder Woman

Even pop culture seems to be making it ok to let your geek flag fly. Seth Cohen had TWO girls fighting over him. One of which was dressed as WONDER WOMAN! (I would have gone with Batgirl but that’s just me.) Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon has some geek to her. Comicon has become a major Hollywood event. It seems more than ever now is the time to be a geek.

So I say to all you out there who have a Dr. Who screensaver, those who dream of adult-sized Spider-man underoos, those who know what MIB means, fear not. This is our time. And THIS IS FOR GEEKS!


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6 Responses to “I AM A GEEK!”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    Ok, well it runs in the family, I guess, mutating somewhat with successive generations. An ancient relative of Nick, I confess I was a High School Nerd. Debate team, chess, school plays. What can I tell you. Geekdom (and computers,even!) did not yet exist, so we worked with what we had.

    My theory, however, is that the nerdier you are early in life, the cooler you become as an adult. All my nieces and nephews will back me up on this. I’m definitely The Cool Aunt.

    Even better though, the recent evolution from Nerd to Geek has not just allowed geeky young adults to become cool adults. It has actually MADE geekiness itself cool. How cool is that?

  2. Ross Says:

    I am anxious to further examine the distinctions between geeks and other awkward social types such as nerds, dorks, dweebs, nimrods, and yes, even those dreaded douchebags. I mean, can a dork be a nerd? Are nimrods useful or do they just drool a lot?

    I can remember once being referred to as a “squid”–though I’m not sure that term is still in circulation.

    This may have to be a future article.

  3. Becky Says:

    I have always wanted a Dr. Who scarf. Does that count?

  4. joe Says:

    i think you are both tied at %100. but i did just add this site to my favorites. please post more pictures of wonder woman, if liking her makes you a geek count me in.

  5. Allison Says:

    Does being friends with Nick add to my percentage?!?! I certainly hope so. I will proudly admit to being a GEEK. I spend countless hours playing MMORPGs and have World of Warcraft wallpaper on my puter… which, yes, I built myself. My desk at work looks like Toys R Us and I, again, “proudly”, wear my I PWN boys T-shirt all over town. My friends constantly make fun of me for playing puter games and knowing the difference between RAM and a CD-Rom but I just brush it off because I know that being a GEEK is simply FABULOUS. Everyone needs a GEEK in their life. I look forward to seeing more of this site.

  6. james Says:

    I was forced to accept my geek-esque tendencies at an early age. I tried to deny it for a while but.. I just couldn’t hide from the truth.

    It wasn’t just only that I was socially awkward, but also that I tried to use the jedi mind trick on would-be oppressors (“you don’t want my lunch money” “you want to introduce me to the pretty girls so I can mind-meld with them”)

    I may not be as geeky as some, but frack me for being who I am.

    btw- love this site (yes I bookmarked it). I also love these “geek testimonials.” Perhaps you should have a specific area on the site designated to this type of thing. Maybe a “geeks anonymous” atmosphere. (“Hello my name is James and I’m a geek. I built my first computer by the age of….”) Or… Maybe just geek bragging rights. (“I’m so geek, my daughters’ middle name is Jadzia after Jadzia Dax on DS9).

    Could be a fun way to laugh at ourselves.


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